Greensboro, NC -  Cabinotch, the Challengers Award-winning manufacturer of custom-sized cabinet box systems made of American hardwood, has announced a partnership program with KCD Software that simplifies and streamlines the custom design-through-fabrication process for today’s cabinet shop.

Their new partnership gives cabinetmakers the ability to design and present 3D renderings of custom cabinet layouts on a computer or tablet - then immediately order the cabinet boxes which will come in flat-pack form from Cabinotch.

Information on drawer boxes and door sizes is also produced, enabling production or ordering of these items as well.

According to Todd Vogelsinger, director of marketing for Cabinotch, KCD Software makes the “front end” process of custom cabinetry design easier than ever, with stunning renderings that make it easy to engage the customer. Cabinetmakers also enjoy the ability to provide on-the-spot price quotes, thereby closing sales faster and enabling cabinet installation projects to begin sooner.

The KCD Software solution is used by more than 12,000 industry professionals. In addition, it was also named a winner of the Sequoia Award for innovation and productivity in woodworking software.

According to Vogelsinger, the KCD partnership with Cabinotch is a natural fit in that it improves operating efficiencies while controlling costs in the delivery of high-value, American-made custom cabinetry.

The Cabinotch system, which incorporates an innovative, patented interlocking side panel-to-face frame wood-to-wood joint, enables cabinet shops to reduce their costs while maintaining or raising the quality of their finished cabinets.

The Cabinotch system improves overall productivity by helping shops minimize “low-profit hours” spent at a table saw in favor of more time spent on designing, selling, finishing and adding value to their cabinet projects.

Cabinotch products incorporate Columbia Forest Products’ domestically produced, formaldehyde-free PureBond® hardwood plywood, which Vogelsinger says is “a built-in selling feature for today’s more careful consumer.”

Mike Lee, general manager of the Cabinotch program, said that “through Cabinotch, we can deliver a set of pre-made, custom-sized, ready-to-assemble American hardwood parts – from the face frame through the sides, backs, bottoms, tops and shelves - which the fabricator can finish and assemble along with adding their own doors and drawers.”

“Cabinotch boxes take only minutes to assemble, and they’re customizable within 1/1,000th of an inch. With accuracy and efficiencies like that, shop owners see positive results instantly,” Lee continued. “And now, the partnership with KCD Software adds yet another dimension to the operational efficiencies we deliver.”

Through a web portal (, buyers can specify the face frame and interior face species, adjust sizes, and order their cabinet box parts, which are then shipped directly to their shop. Instructional videos on the website illustrate the ease of the box assembly which is made possible through the notch in the back of the face frames, along with the strength and alignment of the box when assembled.

“You can order your box parts from Cabinotch and start working on your doors, drawers, range hoods and trim. When the Cabinotch parts arrive, usually within a calendar week, finishing them and putting everything together is a breeze. At the same time, cabinet shops are receiving a top-quality ‘cabinet box’ that they can build out and finish to their customers’ specifications,” Lee noted.

Among the wood species offered by Cabinotch are cherry, hard and soft maple, hickory, poplar, red alder, walnut, and red and white oak.

The Cabinotch cabinet box system is available nationwide, with timely delivery of custom-sized products throughout the United States – and now including access to powerful and easy-to-use KCD design software. For more information, visit For instructional videos on KCD Software, click here.

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