Cincinnati – Bioformix, Inc., a manufacturer of energy efficient, high performance, sustainable polymer platforms, is demonstrating its revolutionary Nexabond™ 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive at the Association of Woodworking and Furnishing Suppliers (AWFS) Fair in Las Vegas on July 24-27. Industry icon David Heim will be at the Bioformix booth (#4881) performing a wood turning demonstration and the team will create pens, end tables, cabinet doors and other items to show how Nexabond 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive significantly reduces assembly time with enhanced performance. Following the event, the pens will be donated to U.S. soldiers and the end tables will be donated to Habitat for Humanity in Las Vegas.

Along with Heim, Bioformix executive leaders Adam Malofsky, president and CEO, Bob Smith, vice president of Business Strategy, and Mark Holzer, vice president of Strategic Accounts will be on hand to share details on Nexabond 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive’s unique, water and solvent free formula. The demonstration will highlight how components glued with Nexabond 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive achieve high strength in minutes and how the new glue reduces swelling of joints to eliminate long dry times prior to finishing. Without water, Nexabond 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive can bond any wood, and its quick bonding chemistry also reduces or eliminates the need for clamping.

“We believe Nexabond 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive sets the bar for strength and durability in the woodworking and furniture industries and we are excited to work with David to demonstrate its capabilities to industry professionals,” said Adam Malofsky, president and CEO of Bioformix, Inc. “Donating the wood pens to the military is a simple token of our appreciation for our servicemen and women.”

The company is partnering with Woodcraft, one of the nation’s oldest and largest suppliers of quality woodworking tools and supplies, to donate additional pens to soldiers following the show.

About Bioformix, Inc.

Founded in 2009 by president and CEO Adam Malofsky and his father, Bernard Malofsky, PHD, Bioformix, Inc. was formed to commercialize energy efficient, high-performance, sustainable monomers, resins and polymers. Venture capital backed by over $500 billion in revenue companies, Bioformix will transform energy consumption in polymer based manufacturing, decorating and assembly. The company is currently best known for its revolutionary Nexabond™ 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive, a quick curing, water-free, super durable, instant wood adhesive that allows for a 75% reduction in cabinet assembly times. For more information, visit

Source: Bioformix


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