VISTA, CA – Apollo Sprayers Intl. announces an expanded array of spray gun choices available to purchasers of its ASI/HVLP ECO-Series of 3, 4, and 5 stage turbine systems. John Darroch, President and CEO said, “The USA-made ECO-series is proving to be very popular with woodworkers. We felt that increasing the range of spray guns to five allowed users the chance to pick the spray gun that meets their needs and their budget, they can even have more than one.” Darroch said that the complete ECO-Series of HVLP Turbospray Systems will be available for demonstration and purchase at Apollo’s Booth #5453 at IWF Atlanta.


1. Apollo E6000 - bleeder style turbine spray gun. An excellent choice when paired with the Apollo ECO-3 HVLP Turbospray System - at a $499.00 selling price.

2. Apollo E5530 - bleeder style side mount gravity cup gun. Features a pressurized side mount gravity cup and all stainless steel fluid passages.

3. Apollo E7500GT-600cc – non-bleeder style turbine spray gun. Features fan pattern adjustment knob, stainless steel fluid passages and a metal top mount 600cc cup.

4. Apollo E5011 - bleeder style turbine spray gun featuring stainless steel fluid passages and 1 quart metal bottom cup*

5. Apollo E7000- non-bleeder style turbine spray gun featuring a fan pattern adjustment knob, stainless steel needle and nozzle and a 1 quart metal bottom cup*


The ECO-Series are designed for efficiency and performance and are quieter thanks to their new dual filter QT Quiet Technology. Each provides significantly more power than other turbine systems in its class. 

• ECO-3 HVLP Turbine: 1508 Watts

• ECO-4 HVLP Turbine: 1568 Watts

• ECO-5 HVLP Turbine: 1858 Watts

About Apollo Sprayers /ASI-HVLP:

For many years Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. has been recognized as the HVLP innovator, producer and manufacturer worldwide of TrueHVLP™ spray guns and TrueHVLP™ Mobile Turbo Spray Systems. The ASI/HVLP range of ECO-Series products are designed to bring the benefits of HVLP to the budget minded finisher.


* Original spray gun choices for ECO-Series

Source: Apollo Sprayers Intl.

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