HANNOVER  - At LIGNA 2015 Scm Group will have four stands, in four halls, spread over 4,000 square metres, to demonstrate the ability to express its specialisation in every aspect of working and finishing wood and its derivatives. A “flow of innovation” aimed at all sectors and at any type of company, from the larger industry to the individual craftsman.

Technology first, before all!
The focus will be on many subjects, technologi es revealing the group’s many strengths: from “Smart Manufacturing Cells” (systems made up of integrated cells, two for furniture production, one for door and window frames) to a real revolution in edgebanding technologies, in the “Stefani Edgebanding Hub” .

There are a wealth of new features on the furniture machining centres (“Morbidelli P800”, “Morbidelli Powerflex S”, “Morbidelli Cyflex hp”), as well as a giant step forward in terms of software which will be explained in a dedicated area. Here, using demos and multimedia tools, we will present fifteen specific applications, demonstrating how working with high - tech tools can be easy and effective!

A world of signs ...
A sign of this commitment is the “Streaming Innovation” structure, a flow of wooden panels supplied by IBL of Coniolo (Alessandria, www.ibl.it), machined by Naldini Arredamenti of Forlì (www.naldiniarredamenti.it) using Scm Group machining centres.

An example of what “digital production” means, that is to say, integrating advanced machinery and data with optimal management. This work is the result of research by designer Federico Rossi , associate professor at the School for the Built Environment & Architecture at London South Bank University, and his BloomLab Architecture & Design studio.

Hall 11 provides other signs of Scm Group’s ability to interact with wood. It features Luciano Molinari ’s “500 Kube”, a 1969 Fiat 500 L which the cabinet - maker and artist has “covered” with wooden cubes from 200 different species of wood.

The project, called “I Feel Wood” , starts with a style icon, a symbol of Italian design, and shows how manual skill, creativity – with the aid of machinery – can express ideas and emotions that have great value. Acknowledging the artisan sector, small businesses and their infin ite potential, to which Scm Group has always contributed.

A sign of “real innovation”
The group is presenting a huge number of new features in Hanover. In hall 25 Morbidelli machining centres will a display impeccable routing - edgebanding, pl us the possibility of achieving ultra - fast boring processes even on medium - small batches. Stefani will reveal, amongst other things, what “top quality” really means in extremely high productivity edgebanding processes with a profoundly updated range and the addition of “hot air” edgebanding technology.

Gabbiani Mahros Morbidelli will show the “batch one” panel sizing cell, for obtaining any type of cut in “real time”, thanks to intelligent management of the automatic store based on increasingly advanced software and ever more automation. DMC is tasked with demonstrating how to obtain new trend - setting effects (gouged, sawn, structured) when sanding surfaces (also in hall 16).

Not just in wood...
For door and window frames, SCM has enhanced the range of m achining centres and solutions that can be used to combine productivity and “custom” machining. In hall 11 ample room is given to solutions for hobbyists and artisan carpentry: from the simplest professional machines (with the two Minimax ranges: Elite and Elite S completely updated with new devices, functional upgrades and an attractive design) to the prestigious “L’Invincibile” range of classic machines, with a brand new panel sizing solution. Hall 15 will premiere “Oikos” at Ligna. This is a powerful Routech machining centre for beams and X-LAM/CLT wall elements, with the new Routech Quick Link software. In hall 16 we cover the finishing sector, with new products from Superfici . In particular, automatic and robotised spraying systems, for maximum produc tion flexibility, plus the most innovative technologies.

Scm Group communication and welcome at LIGNA
Scm Group will have many “technological tales” to tell, with an impressive selection of new communication tools: - new scmgroup.com website - new “ SCM G roup News Streaming Innovation ” publication - new videos dedicated to the main technologies, to software and special projects SCM Group will welcome visitors to Ligna with its team of specialists ready to provide in - depth information about the technologies and development ideas that inspire them

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