IGP North America was in attendance at LIGNA 2015 in Hannover, Germany with its parent company IGP Pulvertechnik AG in Hall 16.

"We launched the next generation in Ultra Low Bake Powder Coating technology as IGP-RAPIDtop 88, a clear top coat for solid wood," says Tony Varda, who heads the Louisville-based U.S. sales operation for IGP. Samples of powder coating on chairs and other products were dramatic, with the bare wood contrasting with the glossy coating achieved with RAPIDtop 88.

"We have all of these products available here in North America," Varda says.

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Powder application also has the advantage of being a one-step finishing process, not requiring successive coats or a long time to dry.

But the heat and energy required for curing, is what makes powder coating wood a complicated process, with both the substrate, and the moisture in it, affected by the heat energy. It must be carefully controlled lest the wood get too hot.

At IWF 2014, IGP North America introduced IGP-RAPID, a ultra-low temperature powder coating of for wooden materials such as MDF. The LIGNA 2015 introductions extend the range of wood coating capabilities. 

IGP's booth is also notable. Appearing at LIGNA 2015, the award-winning design made its U.S. debut at IWF 2014, and is frequently selected by show photographers because of its look. It won an award last year fin the SwissBau competition, which provides this description:

Striking fin-like elements hang like stalactites close together from the ceiling.

Only a change of perspective reveals the visual highlight: on the back of the flat hollow sections are brightly colored, a luminous spectrum of purple to orange. The white environment reflects the strong colors and the state emerged in a soft, colored light.

An effect that is achieved with two products of IGP: The more than 800 hollow aluminum profiles are powder-coated on both sides with a high white matt lacquer. On one side of a colored transparent gloss varnish is applied in addition. The combination of both coatings creates a visual depth that is reminiscent of ceramic glazes - and was first applied in this project. In addition to the color effect the ceiling construction also deployed a special spatial effect. The different lengths of hollow sections provide a dome-like space that invites you to linger.

In the Jury's assessment of the Swissbau-Design-Awards 2014 states:

Second place took the IGP Pulvertechnik AG, which is positioned with its spatially surprise appearance and its sophisticated use of design power of color as "island of peace and security" in the bustle of the fair. An island of tranquility in the bustle of the fair. The clean lines of the furniture and the horizontal presentation carry this thought into account: only when approaching visitors discover the past at the presentation areas product samples and the contents of the media tables.

The booth is designed as a system, number and arrangement of the elements can be varied for use in different spatial conditions

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