AWFS Fair 2015 - Technology Education in SMART! Seminars
May 26, 2015 | 6:35 pm CDT

LAS VEGAS - The 2015 AWFS Fair woodworking show offers a window into new technology through the SMART Seminars, each morning at 7:30 a.m. before the crowds arrive. It's early by Las Vegas standards, but a reasonable time for  woodworkers. 

SMART  is short for “Special Machinery and Relevant Technology.” These technical demonstrations cover technology or application trends that can be seen at multiple locations among the exhibitors. But the seminars give a high-level briefing on the overall trend in technology.

Examples include Smart Manufacturing: Kitchen Cabinets, and Zero Edge for Every Shop, on Friday, July 24, both at 7:30 a.m.

Smart Manufacturing: Kitchen Cabinets is an engaging demo-presentation to guide cabinetmakers through a live work cell that uses single-piece manufacturing flow to build complete cabinets in a condensed floor plan. Pairing the traditional ‘cut, band, bore’ operation with today’s latest CNC nested-based technology, the session demonstrates a truly synchronized work flow to build cabinet backs and shelving components as well as drawer and door fronts – all in a single, compact solution. 

Zero Edge for Every Shop  will highlight the latest trends in zero-edge processing as well lend tips and tricks that facilitate processing today’s hottest materials, high-gloss and high-texture. The two most popular means for achieving zero-edge products, hot-air activation and PUR will be demonstrated on the same machine to illustrate the true individual characteristics, features and benefits of each method.

This SMART session is specifically designed for anyone who may be interested in embracing zero-edge technology or in processing high-gloss or high-textured panels. Attendees will learn what is driving demand for a better edge in the marketplace; understand the attributes of PUR and hot air and the pros and cons of each application technology; as well as how this technology is impacting new materials such as high-gloss and high texture. 

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