OAKLAND, ME – A fire destroyed a 127-year-old, five-story building early Sunday morning, partially used by K-D Display & Design, a store fixture manufacturer.

According to the Portland Press Herald, a nearby building used by Woodsmiths, another woodworking company, and by K-D, was saved by firefighters. No injuries were reported; the cause of the blaze is unknown.

The burned-down building was built in 1882 as a woolen mill, which closed in 1997. It employed more than 150 people at its peak in the 1990s.

Michael Dye, owner of K-D Display & Design, told the newspaper that his business is fully insured. "There was quite a bit of manufacturing equipment in the building," Dye said. "Firefighters managed to save the steel building, and there was some in there, but the bulk of our manufacturing and shipping and packaging were in the wooden structure."

Dye said he was starting his 11th year in the former woolen mill. Dye said he will decide over the next few days if the company will relocate, and where.

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