Hongyuan Furniture says Its U.S. Exports ImproveGUANGZHOU, CHINA - Ready-to assemble wood saunas made from Canadian spruce find a strong market in the U.S., says Hongyuan Furniture. As China's domestic market retreats, Chinese exports rebound, including wood products.

China's domestic producer prices have been rising steadily and its currency appreciating, giving manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe a breather and feeding the U.S. insourcing of wood products manufacturing, especially residential furniture. China itself has diversified manufacture to other Asian countries in recent years, so its pricing for domestic consumption could be more competitive. But businesses encountered problems with infrastructure and logistics in less developed neighbors, the Wall St. Journal reports.

Hongyuan Furniture in Guangzhou, China tells the Journal it recently considered moving production to Vietnam, but decided to concentrate instead on exports, heading for a show in Las Vegas where it could show its wood saunas, which it says are made of select hemlock wood originated in Burma with minimal holes caused by worms or knots, and constructed with 30 percent to 40 percent vertical grain wood for stability.

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