Accu-Systems' Foreclosed Assets Bought by Founder's Son
November 20, 2013 | 12:40 pm CST

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Woodworking machine manufacturer Accu-Systems' assets, inventory, receivables and intellectual property have been acquired by Pillar Machine, a company owned by the son of Accu-Systems' founder Mel Hatch.

Jeff Hatch, who worked with his father, Mel, at Accu-Systems for more than 20 years, purchased the company's assets from the bank that foreclosed Accu-Systems. Accu-Systems officially closed its doors on Nov. 6.

According to court records obtained at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of Utah, Accu-Systems filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November 2006. The company's reorganization plan, which named Bank of American Fork as a secured creditor that held a lien on Accu-Systems' property, was accepted by the court in May 2008.

Accu-Systems' Foreclosed Assets Bought by Founder's SonJeff Hatch's new company, Pillar Machine, will manufacture, market and sell Accu-Systems machines. Accu-Systems has serviced the woodworking industry for more than three decades. Its products include the H49 horizontal point-to-point bore and dowel insertion machine, M45 miter mortise and tenon machine, CMJ rail coping machine, and 2S panel sizing and squaring machine. Accu-Systems won a Challengers Award at the 2004 International Woodworking Fair for its MMTJ single-sided CNC machine miter, mortise and tenon machine.

Pillar Machine will focus its immediate attention on selling stock machines, but according to the company's press release, Hatch plans to bring new machines to the market at a later date. The company's websites promotes its plans to exhibit at IWF 2014, Aug. 20-23 in Atlanta.

Accu-Service, which is a separate entity from Accu-Systems or Pillar, will continue to service Accu-Systems machines. Accu-Systems customers can phone 801-965-1900 for service and part information.

Among former Accu-Systems employees staying on board with Pillar Machine are sales representatives Dan Christensen and Camron Stapley, serving customers in the western and eastern United States respectively.

Learn more about Pillar Machine at; phone 800-369-5746.

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