WunderWood owner Scott Wunder is on his way to achieving meme status at WoodworkingNetwork. His story on battling a curly cherry bar top, distributed in a newsletter under the provocative "A Woodworker Walks Into a Bar" headline, was most viewed for three days.

One of Wunder's tell-it-like-it-is style and immensely practical advisories on finishing, planing, sawmilling and joinery were most viewed this week. Also popular: Designed & Made woodshop owner Brian Grabski's creative videos of his furniture and cabinetry projects, and bloggist and video reporter Jared Patchin, owner of J Alexander Fine Woodworking's look at buying a CNC.

These three woodworkers and more figured in the wood industry's most-viewed stories this week:

Scott Wunder curly cherry bar  Curly Cherry Bar Top Fights Back and Loses  
 Goliath  Goliath: Six Flags Giant Wooden Roller Coaster Breaks Records  
Pat Acton Matchstick Marvels international space station  Space Station Model Uses 282,000 Wood Match Sticks  
Zsemba-IKEA-Toronto-Star  IKEA Sued by Furniture Supplier for Breach of Contract  
Rampant-Surfboard-by-Roy-Stuart  Paulownia Wood Surfboard Sets Record Price: $1.3 Million  
Pacific Crest Cabinets  Fire in Finishing Department Ravages Cabinet Shop  
 Teardrop Trailers: Camp-Inn Mills Birch Plywood and Maple Parts  
Brian Grabski Designed and made  Hidden Drawer Dresser Tutorial by Designed and Made  
west Fraser  Lumber Supply Could Be Impacted by British Columbia Land Ruling  
John Bassett III, Vaughan-Bassett Furniture  Factory Man: How Furniture Exec John Bassett Bested China  
Jared Patchin J Alexander Fine Woodworking Network  CNC Machines: In The Beginning / Is Your Wood Shop Ready?  
   Sierra Pacific To Acquire Hurd Windows, Superseal Windows & Doors


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