Soft-close Waste Container Brackets

Rev-A-Shelf introduces its Soft-Close Single and Double Door Mount Brackets for Waste Containers, 5100 Series, which gives a custom look and versatility, says the company. The brushed aluminum system with Rev-A-Motion Soft Open/ Soft Close slide technology offers smooth operation even with heavy loads, adds Rev-A-Shelf. The design features an aluminum face frame with mitered corners. The base works with 35 quart and 50 quart containers for an easy upgrade to full-height cabinet applications. Other features include adjustable door mount brackets, built-in storage on all single units with a durable, easy-clean polymer base and over travel slides, which provide full accessibility. Containers are available in 27 quart, 35 quart and 50 quart polymer and 30 quart stainless steel. Sizes include 5149-15DM-1 (minimum cabinet opening 11 ½”) 12” by 22” by 19 ½” single 35 quart; 5149-1550DM-1 (minimum cabinet opening 11 1/2”) 12” by 22” by 23 ½” single 50 quart; 5149-18DM-2 14 5/16” by 22” by 19 ½” double 35 quart; and 5149-2150DM-2 15 5/8” by 22” by 23 ½” double 50 quart.


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With the acquisition of Tresco Lighting, Rev-A-Shelf expands their motto of "Innovation through Organization" to "Innovation through Illumination", with a full line of L.E.D., Xenon, and Fluorescent lighting options for store display fixtures and residential & commercial cabinetry.

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