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RFID tag selection for cabinets, wood products

Northern Apex, a provider of RFID solutions, is expanding its tag selection options to help customers utilize the best tag for their application, and help ensure that those tags are up to date with the latest chips available. Northern Apex says its current custom wood tag is easily concealed in a raised panel door during assembly. The tag also works with the company's line of automatic tag applicators including the TP-4000-A, TP-4000-RA, and the TP-5000. The new tag options have the same dimensions and pitch so that they can be used with Northern Apex's existing applicators or be manually applied.

Northern Apex is also testing a series of hinge hole tags to make sure they meet performance benchmarks. All tags come in wet format or can be part of an RFID-embedded label of various sizes. 

The testing is first being conducted in their “state of the art” RFID test lab. The lab is the most advanced test lab for RFID in the mid-west that best simulates real-world environments that customers face in the actual deployment of an RFID solution.