Thermopal introduces Decor-Hanffaser decorative hemp fiberboard as a direct-coated melamine resin board. The hemp fiberboards use hemp fiber shives, which occur during the processing of a hemp plant and make the core material lighter than standard boards, says the company.  Hemp matures in just 100 days and every kg of hemp absorbs up to 4 kg CO2 from the air, according to the company. One cubic meter of hemp fiber board weighs approximately 480 kg. Thermopal lightweight boards made of hemp shives are tool-friendly, can safely be screwed anywhere on the surface, and process as easily as chipboard using the same fittings used on traditional wood materials. The sustainable lightweight board is available in over 300 decors and various textures in 2600 x 2020 mm and 3200 x 2050 mm, and in the thicknesses of 19 mm and 20.6 mm. High Seas Trading Co.,, is the North American distributor for Thermopal.


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