Thick Veneer
February 27, 2015 | 3:48 pm CST

Superior Veneer & Plywood

Superior Veneer & Plywood offers 1/16-inch thick wood veneer for designers, custom furniture makers, store fixture manufacturers and architects, who desire something different or an Old World style. SuperThick veneers are 1/16-inch thick veneer faces offered in domestic and exotic species on a choice of backings or cores.  Veneer species include maple, cherry, white oak, red oak, alder, walnut, poplar, elm, mahogany, sapele, anigre and teak. SuperThick 1/16-inch veneer is available on EquaFlex paperbacking, SuperBack Laminate, 2 ply 1/16-inch wood on wood, PSA or choice of substrates including MDF, veneer core and particle board. Sizes include 4 by 8, 8 by 4, 5 by 8, 8 by 5, 4 by 10, 10 by 4, 8 by 5 and 10 by 5.

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SuperThick Veneer