Coping and End-Matching System
March 19, 2015 | 9:36 am CDT

PMK Systems introduces the new C-1203 HSK Coping / End-Matching System. Features include two HSK Direct Drive Counter Rotating Spindles;  two 7.5HP Direct Drive Motors, 230 or 460 Volt; four HSK 63F Spindles/Tool Holders and a Tool Holder / Milling Arbor 1.25”. PMK says the length of the Spindle is 55 mm, 2.165” and the machine has an 8” Touchscreen monitor. Both spindles are direct drive,  with7000 to 9000 rpm’s controlled through the PLC Control and Monitor, adds the company. For additional information, contact PMK at (865) 385-0779.

(865) 385-0779