Great Designs in Wood  - The NWFA 2013 Wood Floors of the YearWooden floors run the gamut from utilitarian planks in camp houses to the finest pieces of wooden art one can imagine.

These winning floors from the National Wood Flooring Association's 2013 Wood Floor of the Year competition fall in the latter Click on the link above to see and read about all the winners. One is even in the Hermitage, the Winter Palace of the Russian czars, and it looks the part. Think of the history that floor has seen.

Great Designs in Wood  - The NWFA 2013 Wood Floors of the YearAll the floors are breath-taking, but one in particular caught my attention: the winner of the Commercial Collaboration category, executed by Gaetano Hardwood Floors Inc., of Huntingdon Beach, CA. Naturally, a zig-zag striped floor of alternating wenge and maple strips will catch anyone's's stunning. But I really liked this floor because it showcases so well what can be done in the commercial environment, and the benefits of doing so. The custom furniture client's customers are presumably put into a buying mode by the appeal of the display of the furniture...and they might well inquire about then floor designer while they're looking.

Display product through commercial collaboration...another great way to get your customers to Go Wood.

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