Woodworkers: pack your bags and book your flights, cause it's time for ClosetCon 2013! Never heard of it? Well, that's because it isn't a real thing. Instead, it is the setting of a recent episode of ABC sitcom Modern Family.

In the episode, aptly called "ClosetCon '13", Ed O'Neil's character Jay goes with his daughter Claire to the fictional convention on business. Jay, an owner of a construction materials business, claims to have previously gone to the show for years to scope out closet designs for projects he works on. He goes on to call the show the  "premiere trade show for the closet industry".

Among the highlights of this year's event include a discussion of sustainable materials, a session on shoe storage and a panel on paneling.

Jay also fills the audience in on a ClosetCon tradition for those new to the show, which is to hide a fake skeleton in the uninitiated person's closet, a practice that Jay claims emanated from another trade show, CabinetCon. Unfortunately, viewers never get a glimpse of the showroom floor, as Jay tells Claire that only suckers try to schmooze on the floor; the real action happens at the bar.

Perhaps Jay or another character will be in need of some nifty new cabinets so we could get a feel for the shenanigans that go down at CabinetCon. 


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