If your market or needs have changed, consider upgrading your technology. Here are some of the recent developments that have occurred on the woodworking front.

CNC Software Trends

1. Tools to develop accurate machine instructions with less human interface

2. Systems including: screen to machine, one-button machining, direct link CNC

3. Tools to assist in estimating and bidding

4. Part flow simulation

5. Part ID: labels, 2D barcodes, RFID

6. Optimization and nesting: flow of parts through open stacks, prioritizing parts, cutting groups; shorter runs means fewer parts cut from the sheets – offal tracking



1. Frame material: vibration dampening, noise dampening, stiffer/heavier, environmentally friendly and safe


2. Energy efficient: ramp down of motors when no material is present, dust control blast gates

3. Intelligent processing, material flow and air tables

4. Panel cutting: thinner kerf blades, gap closers for small trims, multi-strip cutting, cutting re-cuts in a pattern, part ID/labels

5. Edgebanding: laser-activated banding (zero-joint edge, mechanical bond, temperature and moisture resistant), reduced throughput time, applications for lightweight panels and interior door production

6. Machining centers: clamp-based movement of parts through the head instead of static parts and the head doing all the work; no change time for part sizes; one-up horizontal; added capabilities/multi-purpose; trend toward closed gantry H design from the C frame (increase in width and depth of travel); 5-axis technology; fast changeover for short runs of common parts (LED and automatic positioning); aggregates (trimming, miter sawing, processing multiple sides, floating chip collection at the head)

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