Willis will show Fenix at WMS 2017 (in Booth 1526), a first-time appearance for the brand. A result of the Italian research of Arpa Industriale, Fenix Nanotech Material is an innovative material that heals scratches and was created for interior designs, suitable for both vertical and horizontal use.
The external surface of Fenix NTM involves the use of nanotechnology, and its decor is obtained through next generation resins developed thanks to Arpa Industriale's research. 


Thanks to the use of next generation thermoplastic resins, Fenix NTM's surface is extremely closed. The irregular surface topography results in a very low light reflectivity (a surface specular reflectance of 1.5 at 60°) and the soft-touch effect.

This innovative material lays out an altogether new road in the world of interior design: a smart, extremely matte, anti-fingerprint surface.
Because of its special surface features, Fenix NTM is the smart surface material suitable for different interior design applications: kitchen, hospitality, healthcare, bathroom, furniture (tables, bookshelves, partitions, chairs, etc.).
Willis is a North American distributor of World Class Building Materials which is focused on meeting the needs of today's evolving market trends. Our skills include customer service, innovative sales and marketing, distribution, sourcing and manufacturing. Key brands include 
Founded in 1967 by Ron Willis, the Willis Company successfully introduced DuPont Corian to the Canadian consumer. Ron Willis and Mike Hetherman became partners in 1992.
Willis is the exclusive marketing distributor of Dupont Corian and Zodiaq, Artisan sinks and faucets, Arpa High Pressure Laminate and Insinkerator waste disposal units in Ontario, Western Canada, Western Oregon, Washington and Alaska.
Willis markets and distributes world class building products to service Architect & Design firms, Kitchen & Bath Retailers, Home Builder Network, Big Box Retailers and our Fabrication Network.
In 2014, Willis acquired distribution rights of Arpa High Pressure Laminate, Artisan sinks & faucets and Insinkerator waste disposal units in the California market. On January 1, 2015, Willis will further expand their presence in the US market by gaining sole distribution rights to DuPont Corian and DuPont Zodiaq in Northern California and Northwestern Nevada. Willis employs over 50 professionals across Canada and the USA.

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