Mike Dunbar, who has been making classic Windsor chairs for more than 30 years, is sharing his expertise in a new video series.

The detailed video series takes you step by step through the process of making a traditional Windsor chair. The first chair in the series is a classic sackback Windsor made the way such chairs were made 250 years ago.

This classic sackback Windsor chair is the first chair in Mike Dunbar’s new video instruction series on making Windsor chairs.

“I hope to record and post all the classes I developed during my two decades at The Windsor Institute,” said Dunbar.

He breaks down the process into segments, each about 25 minutes long, giving a detailed view of every part of the process of building a chair.

“While free for the watching, a video series is expensive,” said Dunbar. “So, my goal is to make this channel self-sufficient - generating advertising revenue that pays to create future content.”

He is also selling books, supplies and other items related to Windsor chair making at his website makeawindsor.com.


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