Polivka handcrafted furniture: lack of craftsmen is an industry problem

David Polivka has been pursuing his unique vision of beauty, old style woodworking techniques and sustainability for over 30 years.

Polivka, owner of Polivka Handcrafted Furniture, explains why his NRNS (No Robots No Slaves) shop only makes handmade furniture. Taking us through his shop, which builds with only reclaimed and local materials, Polivka explains how a lack of craftsmen and women, along with an absence of woodworking education in public schools, is weakening the industry.

Polivka's protégé Matt Castilleja, who now owns the shop, is looking to change that.


From unpaid intern to shop owner

Matt Castilleja went from architecture student, to unpaid intern, to shop owner in just four years.

A custom-made ribbon-striped mahogany flat file with a cedar timber base from Polivka.

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