How to get flat and seamless panel glue joints

"It can often happen that when you milled up all your lumber, oriented your boards the way you want them for the glue-up, and you're just about ready to go, and you notice there are tiny gaps around the seams," says YouTuber and woodworker Sean Boyd.

"Very often this is the result of your jointer fence or your tablesaw blade not being perfectly vertical at 90 degrees." Check out how Boyd eliminates this problem with a "very simple technique."

Thanks to his woodworking skills (but mainly his dry sense of humor) Boyd has built up quite a following - reaching 96,000 YouTube subscribers and nearly 4.6 million views on his videos.

His videos show him making credenzas, plywood desks, necklace racks, and absurd furniture. He also shows small-scale CNC manufacturing, installing soft-close undermount drawer slides, and how he built a dust collection system.

Check out his channel here.

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