Contractor Dave Rivera's a one-handed Gorilla Hook cordless drill holster came about after not being satisfied with commercially available alternatives.
Rivera and his crew were installing a roof one day on the job. A team of plumbers were hard at work below installing radiant floor heating. Every so often, Rivera or one of his crew members accidentally dropped their cordless drill - either ruining the drill or injuring a plumber.
After a few hours, he took his team off the roof and to Home Depot to try to figure out a solution. Using commercial door stops, aluminum flat stocks, springs, rubber stops, he came up with the first prototype.
The patent-pending holster attaches to either a workbelt or a regular pant belt. Rivera says it's impossible for the drill to fall out.
The holster is for sale on Amazon at $14.99. It has a four star rating after 250 reviews. 
Check it out in the video below.

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