A CNC without programming: How does Thermwood's Cut Ready machine work?
August 6, 2020 | 7:05 pm UTC

Thermwood's Cut Ready Cut Center allows users to make virtually anything a cabinet shop would want to make, with no programming required.

The machine comes equipped with an artificial intelligence named "Artie", who's capable of creating programs for tens of millions of unique products while learning and teaching itself new things along the way. Artie guides the operator through the entire production proces in real time - forgoing the need for a trained operator.

Thermwood product manager Jody Wilmes demonstrates the Cut Ready in the video above, walking viewers through the process of designing a cabinet, modifying its parameters (size, material, etc), and then adding it to the job. 
Thermwood planned on showing it off at the now-cancelled IWF show.

“The Cut Center would really have been the star of our show," says Duane Marrett, Thermwood VP of Marketing. "Once people see it in action, and understand how easy it is to operate, they love it. It walks the operator through the entire process, using a touch-screen interface to easily select and configure what they want to make. It keeps track of all maintenance items (lubrication, tooling, filters, etc.), and handles selecting the correct tool and nesting the sheets for maximum efficiency. It also automatically prints labels for each part, as well as a diagram to apply them."


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