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POLL: Do you do wood-related business with Russia?

Prior to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Russia was a leading supplier of wood-related products such as hardwood plywood to U.S. woodworking facilities. But, will that continue post-invasion? In a small sampling of readers, more than 57 percent said that they did not buy any hardwood plywood or other wood-related products from Russia. Of the 43 percent of those readers who previously purchased products from Russia, 23 percent said that they would no longer do so. 

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Rooms Moscow Becoming Most Popular Furniture Show in Russia

After five intensive trade fair days, the Rooms Moscow/Moscow International Furniture Show (MIFS) closed its doors having registered good results. 335 exhibitors from 17 countries showcased future furniture and supplier trends, attracting a total of 21,542 visitors (2013: 21,120) to the leading Moscow trade fair grounds – Crokus Expo.