Home office with elevated workspace
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Wendy Scott, Timeless Closets and Cabinetry, is a 2024 Top Shelf Design Awards finalist.

Home Office: Under 150 sq. ft.

Project title:
Elevated Workspace

Project Description:
In the early days of the remote work surge prompted by the pandemic, the head of the household found himself encroaching on his wife's office space, creating a less-than-ideal work environment. To address this, a dedicated workspace was ingeniously carved out in the basement, ensuring a productive and tailored solution. Considering the unique preferences of the occupant, who prefers standing while working, a suspended lift option was seamlessly incorporated to maintain a sleek appearance and cater to his ergonomic needs. 

The room presented challenges with bump-outs and access panels, which were skillfully transformed to enhance both form and function. To create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look, the bump-out was discreetly covered in material and topped with a countertop, cleverly resembling a cabinet. The shelving on the right was meticulously aligned with the bump-out, presenting a visually harmonious design. An access panel, discreetly cut into the backing of the shelf unit, provided convenient access to the electrical panel. 

Strategic lighting was introduced to elevate the overall design, and all necessary holes were expertly drilled on-site for a seamless and polished finish. Consistency was key, with all trim in the room crafted from matching materials, ensuring a cohesive and thoughtfully designed space. An innovative approach was taken to conceal the electrical components for the lighting. The electrician strategically routed whips from another room, dropping them precisely where needed, maintaining the room's clean and uncluttered appearance. 

This transformed home office is a testament to the fusion of functionality and style, showcasing a commitment to tailored solutions that elevate the work-from-home experience. The meticulous attention to detail and innovative design choices have resulted in a workspace that not only meets the occupant's unique needs but also exudes sophistication and practicality.

Project Construction:
The project began at the stud phase. Wall bumps, hidden access panels, and uneven floors were issues. They wanted all trim work, including the door casing and floor molding, to be consistent in the room. The mechanism for the desk lift was to be hidden.

Materials Used:
Tafisa After Hours and Casting at First Light Richieleu lights and lift mechanism.  JB Cutting countertops, doors/drawer faces, robust shelves and trim.

Equipment Used:
KCD and Closet Pro

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