High-end dream closet combines two separate spaces
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Wendy Scott, Timeless Closets & Cabinetry, is a 2024 Top Shelf Design Awards finalist.

Closet: Laminate Over 18 linear ft.

Project title:
Boujee Boutique

Project Description:
Introducing "Boujee Boutique," a testament to the epitome of luxury and sophistication in closet design. Our esteemed client, having recently acquired a new home, embarked on a two-year journey to bring her dream closet to life. With a generous budget, we transformed two separate rooms into a seamless dressing haven, pushing boundaries and surpassing expectations. The project's evolution was marked by meticulous planning and dedication to perfection. During the demolition phase, unforeseen opportunities to open up the walls further led to a reimagined design, prompting us to adopt a no-hole system with on-site adjustments for precise execution. 

Every detail was carefully considered, focusing on creating specific spaces for each element. Implementing a Magic Wire system allowed for the seamless integration of shelves without visible cams or pins, ensuring a flawless aesthetic. The bag collection, a central focus, was artfully arranged in a rainbow format, guiding the placement of doors and shelves and influencing the overall design. To elevate the bag showcase, strategic use of lighting, mirror backs, and glass shelves added a layer of glamour. 

Challenges posed by angled ceilings were met with on-site cabinet adjustments featuring mirrored angles that not only concealed uneven cuts but also heightened the overall sense of luxury. Deep and shallow shelves accommodated various bag sizes, showcasing a thoughtful approach to functionality. In the realm of footwear, deep cabinets with staggered shelves were crafted to accommodate the diverse collection. The central island became a pinnacle of organization, boasting drawers with acrylic dividers and a discreet gold docking drawer for charging essentials. Mirrored ends enhanced visibility, complemented by a lavish 2" leather countertop. 

Adding a peninsula with custom pink suede jewelry inserts expanded hanging options, while back-angled areas were dedicated to long pants, cleverly mirrored to hide the angles seamlessly. Addressing an uneven ceiling, a triple stack of fascia provided a polished finish without highlighting imperfections. A trio of deep closed cabinets equipped with mirrors formed a three-way mirror, with one dedicated to hanging boots. End panels featuring hooks instead of a valet rod created a chic "frame" around the chosen outfit of the day. In a discreet back corner, an L-shaped custom leather countertop was a practical packing area and a designated space for suitcases to land. 

The desired painted look was achieved using Tafisa with a white velvet edge and velvet-textured doors and drawers. In addition to the meticulous design features previously highlighted, we seamlessly integrated functionality into every aspect of "Boujee Boutique." 

Recognizing the importance of comfort and practicality, we incorporated a 5" toe kick, strategically designed to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also to accommodate heat vents and electrical outlets. The thoughtful incorporation of the toe kick ensures a seamless flow of warmth throughout the space, providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Simultaneously, electrical outlets discreetly positioned within the toe kick offer convenient access for powering devices and accessories without compromising the clean and polished look of the closet. This innovative approach to blending style with functionality further exemplifies our commitment to creating a truly exceptional and personalized experience for our client. "Boujee Boutique" is a testament to the harmonious integration of luxury, practicality, and meticulous attention to detail.

Project Construction:
This project started with two rooms, each with walk-in closets and built-ins. All walls were removed and taken down to studs.  The units were built as cabinetry with visible holes drilled on site. Where last-minute holes were needed, Magic Wire was used to hide any additional hardware. Cabinets that were angled were cut on site. The toe kicks were oversized to accommodate the toe kick heaters and hide the lighting power supplies. The backs of the cabinets were mirrored, as well as the angled cuts. The ceilings were badly uneven, so a fascia was triple-stacked to close it up.

Materials Used:
Tafisa L080 and velvet edge JBCutting white velvet doors Leather, glass, mirror, lights

Equipment Used:
KCD, Closet Pro and Microvellum


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