NEW YORK, N.Y.  - The Wood Flooring Adjustment & Assembly Tool is a manually-operated, time-saving specialty tool to be used in the installation of tongue-and-groove, hardwood flooring.
Its developer says it quickly ensures that laid flooring boards have a tight fit with no gaps, damage, or marring. The Wood Flooring Adjustment & Assembly Tool appeals to anyone installing hardwood flooring.
The Wood Flooring Adjustment & Assembly Tool can be fabricated in any durable material. Viewed from the top, the Tool is T-shaped. The top of the “T” is the part of the Tool that rests against the base of the wall.
The long part of the “T” extends outward along the floorboards from the wall at an angle of 90º and fits into and onto a bar “carriage” tooled with a 90º upper stop at the outer end; two strap-brackets hold the square tubing of the “T” aligned within them; and a downward-oriented, 90º ½” lip on the inner end. Either the outer, 90º upper stop – or the outer strap-bracket – may be used as a pivot-point for the lever.
When pushed forward toward the wall, this lever exerts force on the squared-tubing “T”, pushing the top of the “T” toward and against the wall as the square tubing slides forward within its flat-bar channel exerting an equivalent, though opposite, force on the flat bar, pushing it away from the wall. The ½”, 90º downward- oriented lip at the end of the bar nearest the wall, meanwhile, has been set against the edge of the flooring board nearest the wall – and when the Tool has been properly positioned with the lever pushed toward the wall, this lip pulls away from the wall, forcing the flooring boards against one another until they are tight and fully seated.
The tool can also be used backward and can have the bar center in the back. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Wood Flooring Adjustment & Assembly Tool.
The Patent Pending Wood Flooring Adjustment & Assembly Tool was invented by Lazaro Corona and Chris Corona of San Bernardino, CA who said, “This tool allows a single worker to neatly and consistently ensure that the boards are properly seated and tightened and does so with a minimum of labor and no damage. It can be used by hand or with the bar. It is a quick and effective solution and will benefit all installers. We have a prototype that works perfectly.

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