Scalable finishing system is reportedly 2.5x faster; unveil was meant for IWF
June 18, 2020 | 3:33 pm CDT

SEYMOUR, Tenn. - "IWF was going to be our US-wide product launch," says Nathan Guffey, third-generation cabinetmaker and president of Guffey Systems. Like hundreds of other companies planning on unveiling a new product at the biannual expo, Guffey will have to find a different way to build up some attention for his new spray rack.

"Guffey Systems will be shifting focus from IWF prep and begin a sales campaign in the Southeastern U.S.," said Guffey in an interview. "Previously, we have focused sales efforts only in East Tennessee. IWF was going to be our US-wide product launch." He hopes to make up some of the lost exposure through regional informational events still yet to be flushed out.
This job consisted of 140 pieces/5 colors and finished in a single work day, from bare wood to final coat, says Guffey.
A Challengers entrant, the spray rack is a material handling system featuring an overhead stationary rail in the spray booth, indexing cars, an assortment of hangers, and mobile racks for moving components through the finishing process.
"Like most cabinet shops, production always slowed down in my spray booth," he said. "We created a new way to handle parts through the whole process that quickly positions for spraying all sides."
"Our system offers the efficiencies of automation without replacing the skill of a finisher and at a much lower cost than automated systems," he continued.
Different setups allow for versatility (L-shape, U-shape, mobile to mobile rack) depending on a shop's need.
Guffey says the system is 2.5x faster than traditional finishing methods, is scalable to fit all shop sizes, allows for less rework and all-sides-at-once spraying, makes less waste, and features vertical workflow. Vertical is better says Guffey, as it collects less airborne debris and prevents marring caused by traditional drying racks.
"There was a lot of interest being generated for our system after we launched in the Knoxville/Chattanooga late winter of this year. We sold our first system to Pighouse Cabinets in Ringgold, GA in early March just before the Covid shutdown.  Pighouse was quick to post on social media praising Guffey Systems and mentioning how we revolutionized their finishing process."
"Shortly after the Pighouse install came the shutdown and salesmen weren't allowed in shops. We kind expected a slow down for a while which further increased our excitement and expectations for IWF and the Challengers Award. IWF was a high priority to focus on in order to open our product up to the country."
Check out the rack on Guffey's site here: A video below showcases what it can do.

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