Moasure is motion-sensor-based measuring device that works by simply moving.
Hold a Moasure device against anything you want to measure, tap the device, walk over to the endpoint, and tap again. It doesn't matter if there is an obstacle in the way. 
Using accelerometers, gyros and magnetometers, Moasure can plot its three-dimensional position in any space to measure distance, angle, and level. Moasure can measure lengths up to 1,000 feet, and is unrestricted by light or space. It's waterproof, shock-resistant, and able to withstand temperatures ranging from 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
The motion-based sensor works in tandem with a smartphone app, which British developer 3D Technologies plans to regularly update with tweaks and improvements.
It all sounds great. But there is a potential catch. Measured accuracy is typically plus or minus 0.5 percent, which translates to plus or minus 3/8 inch every six feet. That means 3.6 inches of potential error for every 60 feet measured. 
Obviously, this is probably too much error for installing cabinets or in other wood product fabrication. But it could still present usefulness in creating rough floor plans, or for a furniture manufacturer who wants the rough dimensions of reclaimed lumber boards.
3D Technologies says on its Kickstarter page that the technology is limited by the accuracy of motion sensors. Until technology is improved, 3D plans on making minor improvements through app updates.
The Kickstarter campaign has raised $18,000 of a $28,000 goal.


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