I am always a fan of tool innovation. If you take something that works and then make it better, yes I’m in 100% of the time. A company that has a goal to upgrade a tool, you know…better faster stronger…always works for me. The part of innovation that worries me though is when tool companies try to do too much, adding on features or expanding the tool’s range way past its original purpose. I’d rather have a tool that does its core job flawlessly over a tool that does multiple jobs averagely well.
So what do we have here? Bosch has just released the new 12V Max FlexiClick, a 5-In-1 Drill/Driver System. Does it sacrifice its core for novelty? Let's find out.
What is the FlexiClick? Basically, it is an Inspector Gadget kit, a locking bit holder, a keyless chuck, an offset angle and a right angle that all interchangeably lock onto the same drill body. Or in the words of Charlie Chiappetta, product manager for cordless tools at Bosch, 
“The Bosch FlexiClick 5-in-1 Drill/Driver System is a versatile tool for electricians, installers or anyone who can benefit from fast interface change during a task” 
Like I said, an Inspector Gadget kit…but for more clarification here is Charlie again, 
‘The variety of attachments ensures access to the widest array of applications, even in tight spaces. With one click the user has an attachment in place that will deliver precision and power in a compact tool.’
Compact is right, this thing is small, 5.2” and 1.4lb. The first week I had it I used it for a few tight spots that I would normally have to squeeze my driver into. And the right angle lets me add screws under a low to the ground vanity that would have usually been a real pain.
All the interchangeable attachments slip in and out pretty easily, and once locked, they feel like they were factory attached. 
The kit comes with -
-12V Max Drill/Driver
-Keyless Chuck Attachment
-Locking Bit Holder Attachment
-Right Angle Attachment
-Offset Angle Attachment, 
-(2) 12V Max Lithium-ion Batteries
-12V Max Fast Charger
All these fit into a carrying bag that is surprisingly convenient, even if it does make me feel like I’m carrying a middle school lunch box. Usually, soft cases go into the ‘I’ll never use this’ drawer, but this is actually one of the only soft cases I can remember that I want to keep with the tool. It's small, holds the entire kit without needing to Tetris everything around inside, and can fit flat into a hard case. All things I’m looking for.  
It is lacking a belt clip, but I am going to be using this mostly for more detailed work where there is always a table nearby, so the belt clip doesn't really take away from the tool. It's so small I could even just put it in my pocket if needed.
Separately each attachment stands on its own, put them together and you have yourself a pretty handy setup. Turns out the FlexiClick is not a novelty tool at all, far from it. This one is going in my toolbox, soft case and all.

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