Ethan's Tool of the Week - Gladiator's Premier Series Modular Gear Drawer
Welcome to the new - Ethan's Tool Of The Week - series.
Each week I am going to be highlighting a tool, new or old, that I feel really gets the job done. I'm going to be working with them in the shop and in the field and giving my feedback. 

In anticipation of a whole lot of great tools coming your way, I thought what better way to start off the Ethan's Tool Of The Week series then to highlight a place for you to put all these tools.
This week I am talking about the Gladiator Premier Series Modular GearDrawer.
First thing I have to talk about is the wheels. We are talking about the union of a tool box and a monster truck here. These wheels are serious. I have no doubt that I could pack this thing to capacity (which Gladiator says is 1,400 lbs) and it would still slide around my shop. Granted, I'm storing tools and not weights in here so I don't think it will ever get that heavy...but it's always nice to know I could.
Next, I want to talk about the top. I got mine with the maple top insert. It is smooth and has a nice durable looking finish on it. Coming in at 28" wide x 34.5" high x 25" deep, I've rolled it off the wall a few times and used it as an extra table top surface when doing smaller work or just to stack material.
The full-extension drawers slide easily out and close nice and tight when pushed back, without the slamming noise of metal on metal. 
A big plus is the 22" deep drawers. With this depth, I have plenty of room to organize each drawer to my liking without feeling like everything is jumbled together. Each drawer also comes with a removable mat so your tools won't move around or scrape against the drawer bottoms when opening and closing.
This unit has five drawers: one shallow, three medium, and an extra deep one at the bottom. Everyone has different tools and everyone is going to arrange their tools a different way so I won't go into which drawers are for what. But be sure that no matter if you are the beginner, the pro, or somewhere in between, the Premier Series Modular GearDrawer will give you easily accessible storage, with the drawer space you have been looking for. And if somehow your tools don't fit in this one...they have a lot of other solutions to choose from. 
When you are done for the day, you can lock the whole thing up with your universal Gladiator key, that can be used in all your other Gladiator storage solutions.
And to top it all off, the Premier Series Modular GearDrawer is steel welded in the USA, always a nice touch.

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