NEW YORK CITY - Writeyboard launched the Dry Erase Desk, a functional and adaptable desk with a dry-erase birch surface. Backed by high profile investor Mark Cuban and co-developed by Josh Jennings and Jason Wilk, Dry Erase Desk is launching with a Kickstarter campaign which aims to raise $25,000.
Two years in development, the Dry Erase Desk brings the convenience of whiteboard technology to the place where people do most of their thinking and working – their desk. Dry Erase Desk allows people to write down phone numbers, brainstorm ideas, important notes and reminders without the need to seek out a piece of paper or open a computer app. It can then be erased to clear space for the next brainstorm.
"Dry Erase Desk will literally change the way companies and individuals manage their workflow, creating a dry-erase playground for everything from important notes and quadratic equations to phone-doodles and vagrant thoughts," says Josh Jennings, CEO of Writeyboard. "We wanted to create a product that innovates traditional office furniture by combining our whiteboard technology with function with aesthetic."
The Dry Erase Desk features include 100 Writey-technology dry-to-the-touch erasable top surface with a desk top finished in white or natural birch wood.
It comes in full-dimension 24 x 48-inch or 30 x 60-inch sizes.
Writeyboard was launched to facilitate collaboration cost-effectively. It began with a group of college students whose ideas were too big and too loud for the library. They needed the large creative space of a whiteboard, but didn't want to spend a fortune on an awkward piece of furniture to cram into their tiny dorm. Out of the conference room and away from the lecture hall, the creation of Writeyboard made the ease of dry-erase affordable for everyone and accessible anywhere.
Easy to install self-adhesive wall pieces mean you can create usable space out of literally any surface. The adhesive won't peel paint or damage surfaces, meaning tables and walls can be transformed into useable areas.
WriteyBoard's Josh Jennings and Sam Calabrese.
The company also makes dry-erase paint so versatile that office and creative spaces don't have to sacrifice design for functionality. Co-developed by Josh Jennings and Jason Wilk, and galvanized by investments from venture capitalists, among them well-known entrepreneur Mark Cuban, Writeyboard is an innovative product line that continues to evolve and improve. Learn more about the Writeyboard Kickstarter campaign.

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