Berlin-based Colormass takes ordinary product images and applies digital imaging techniques, transforming even the most basic of photos into images worthy of an Ikea catalog.
"Instead of taking your products into a studio and photographing them in the traditional way, you can actually just send us four or five mobile phone snapshots and we create high-quality marketing images that you can use on your website or in your catalogs," says Colormass on its website.
Here's an example:
Here Colormass had to visualize a sleigh bed that had been manufactured overseas but had yet to ship to its final destination.
The digitized image, now with the sleigh bed featured
A furniture manufacturer or cabinetmaker sends Colormass its own production files, images, and all information related to the production process: the manufacturing procedure, texture information, colors, and any other variables related to the process. Colormass then uses computer vision algorithms to convert these images into lifelike, but fabricated, 3D files.
“Companies like IKEA use very sophisticated software to do this," Colormass co-founder Balint Barli told TechCrunch. Barli co-founded Colormass with Tas Solti and Benjamin Foldi. “We want to enable everyone to be able to do this without knowing anything about 3D. If you want to do what IKEA does, you used to need specialized hardware, expensive software and a lot of experience and training in 3D to be able to do it. Now you don’t.”
Colormass began working with furniture manufacturers in 2016. Most of its customers are larger, with around $100 million in revenue. Check out its website here.

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