Sanding and Finishing

Primer surfacer handles substrate variations

Chemcraft offers OmniBuild Pro, a new primer surfacer designed to tackle challenging substrate variations while building a thick and smooth foundation for topcoating. The conversion varnish primer has a high-solids formulation that provides superior build, sag resistance and hide, the company says. It has a 24-hour pot life, works with all spray systems and flat line machinery, sands quickly and has a fast stack time, making it production-friendly. It can be used on a variety of substrates, including routed MDF.

Moulding sander for cabinet & furniture plants

Timesavers says its newly designed MS Series moulding sanders were engineered and designed with cabinet and furniture plants in mind. Available in 2 to 7 head configurations, the sanding/denibbing machine is capable of handling mouldings as short as 17 inches, and from 1/8 to 12 inches wide. Every head on the MS Series moulding sander is adjustable to match any profile, with an optional HMI/PLC control available. It requires minimal set-up time when changing from one profile to another due to the flexible strip abrasives design. With an optional set of sealer sanding loadings, the machine can change from a white wood sander into a sealer sander in just a few minutes.

Abrasive sponges

Uneeda says its new Ekadiamond sponges have a flexible foam backing designed specifically to reduce loading, when hand sanding curves, contours, mouldings and complex profiles. Unlike conventional abrasive sponges, the company adds, Ekadiamond sponges give out almost no grain shedding, offering a cleaner and smoother sanded surface for all applications. The unique diamond shape pattern also allows for faster heat dispersion for a longer lifespan.

Small paint supply system

Dürr Systems' Small Paint Supply is fully assembled and modular to fit a variety of customer requirements. Due to its small dimensions, it is a quick and clean solution for the paint room, and for different industries. Easy to connect and integrate, it can be used with high- and low-pressure pumps and a range of pressure regulators, filters, agitators, etc. A wide range of accessories also are available.

Entry-level airspray gun

SAMES Kremlin offers the FStart, a high-quality entry-level gun to complete its range of airspray manual spray guns. The FSTART is available in gravity, pressure, and suction configurations and can be used to spray solvent and water-based materials. It also has a lightweight and reduced trigger pull, the company says.

Wax-based cream for wood

Rubio Monocoat USA offers Rubio Wood Cream, a breathable hydrophobic wax-based cream that colors and protects wood and makes it water-repellent. Additional features and benefits include: VOC-free, non-film forming, low consumption, and can be used for vertical surfaces. Three color collections are available.

Pumps for paint, catalysts & adhesives

Dürr Systems' pump packages are fully assembled, ready-to-use portable modules ideal for use in multiple industries. Equipment for high-pressure coating based on EcoPump VP pumps is available as well as low-pressure coating devices which use a line of diaphragm pumps. A pneumatically driven vertical piston pump, the EcoPump VP is suitable for airless or air-assisted applications of paint, mastics and adhesives to furniture, steel, walls, and other objects. The EcoPump VP is available in a variety of configurations, with various air inlet modules, pressure relief valves, trolleys and adjacent devices.

Edge sander

Available from Felder Group USA, the HS 950 is an entry-level machine for demanding edge sanding. The connectible sanding belt oscillation makes use of the entire sanding belt surface. Together with the height-adjustable cast-iron sanding table, it achieves maximum sanding belt life. A flexible machine, the sanding unit can be tilted continuously to 90° and the open design allows sanding of long workpieces.

Finish system eliminates overspray

Dürr Systems' EcoPaintJet can be integrated into the painting line of new plants or can be fitted to existing plants as an additional module. The underside of the applicator is equipped with a nozzle plate that has around 50 almost invisible holes, each approximately 1/10 of a millimeter in diameter. The paint is applied through these holes in parallel lines from a distance of 30mm. This makes it possible for the EcoPaintJet to apply paint very precisely and with absolutely no overspray, Dürr says.

Multi-function sander

Available from Stiles Machinery, the Heesemann MFA Impression RLLef DBS sanding machine combines the capabilities for calibration, veneer sanding, edge breaking, denibbing or texturing, and even lacquer or solid surface finish sanding, so that multiple machines for various tasks are no longer necessary. The multi-function machine can handle both profiled workpieces or flat pieces all with the push of a button, reducing labor and providing a consistent quality finish every time, the company says.