Sanding and Finishing

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Sanding & structuring brushes

Arminius Tooling manufactures brushes with an individually designed profile contour. The company's sanding and structuring brushes can be used on a wide range of machine types: CNC, brushing, feed-through, double-end tenoners, moulders, table milling, and machine lines. The equipment can be easily exchanged, and also variably combined. The ratio between plastic bristles and brass bristles can be chosen according to your needs.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Powder coating for birch plywood

DVUV can provide a single-coat clear finish for birch plywood in only 20 minutes. The company says powder coating is an environmentally friendly alternative to liquid paint when providing finished components to the contract furniture, hospitality, retail, and healthcare industries.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Cup brush sealer sander

Gibbs Group North America offers the new cup brush sander from Gibbs-Sandtech in Great Britain. The company says the Gibbs cup brush sealer sander features: 360-degree brush sanding technology; a touchscreen control display and 6 customizable programs for easy and fast changeover; an automatic cleaning function, leaving the doors dust free and ready for finishing; and low-cost brush and abrasive replacement. Machine sizes range from 40" to 51" with custom sizes also available.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Gas-powered oven

Cefla says its Unidry-G gas-powered oven is perfect for compact spaces and rapid curing times. With a variety of solutions to fit manufacturers' unique needs, Cefla says its drying technology is also cost-effective, flexible, and helps increase productivity levels. This technology is manufactured in the USA and is ideal for water-based and solvent-based coatings.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Clear wood grain filler

Aqua Coat says its new and improved water-based High Performance Clear Wood Grain Filler features higher solids, better fill, and will perform better in fewer coats than the previous version. The company says the grain filler helps achieve a clear, glass-smooth finish on hard-to-fill woods such as oak, ash, walnut mahogany, cherry, and birch. It also can be tinted with water-soluble trans tints and dyes to accent the grains and pores to help attain the desired look.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

IR ovens for powder coating MDF

WolfRayet designs and manufactures gas-catalytic infrared ovens for powder coating MDF and other heat-sensitive substrates. The WolfRayet Galaxy product range includes: Galaxy 6, 8 and 10 systems designed for medium- to large-scale operations; the Galaxy Lyte small-scale system for low-volume coaters; and the Galaxy Ultra Lyte for powder coating one kitchen set of MDF doors and drawer fronts on a daily basis.

IWF Products

Automated Finishing Table

The Automated Finishing Table solution from Timesavers sands and polishes both flat and 3D surfaces. The machine is capable of finishing contoured surfaces. No programming knowledge is needed to run the machine, and it is compatible with various surface shapes and sizes with higher precision vs a human operator. It' compact footprint fits smaller spaces.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Door sizing, squaring, profiling & sanding

The Bacci Master Pro triple table provides high volumes batch-one processing capability for the sizing, squaring, profiling and sanding of custom solid wood kitchen cabinet doors. The Master Pro plus the Robot allows 24/7 round-the-clock run time capability, true high volume, batch-one processing capability, lower overall labor costs and flexibility to adapt to changing production requirements, adds Bacci America.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Paint booth exhaust filter

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) says the GFS Wave is cost-effective and efficient, and the ideal paint booth exhaust filter for wood finishing. The convoluted design maximizes surface area for exceptional depth loading and holding capacity, the company adds. By effectively capturing and retaining overspray, GFS Wave filters reduce runoff, resulting in less cleanup and quicker, more efficient filter changes.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Widebelt sander

Available from Stiles Machinery, the Ironwood S 124 RK sander features a 42-inch working width with an infeed roller table for easy machine loading. It also has easily adjustable contact rollers and a sanding pad for quick machine setups, as well as electronic, abrasive, and worry-free belt tracking.