Sanding and Finishing

Gravity-fed spray guns & disposable cups

SAMES Kremlin offers the new Manual Airspray FPro Gravity, GSP, and Smart Cups disposable cups. The FPro Gravity is available in HVLP, LVLP, and conventional technologies and delivers a very fine atomization and even spray pattern which covers and penetrates recessed areas of the part, thanks to the patented Vortex technology, the company says. The GSP gun is available as an add-on kit or fully assembled for high viscosity types of products.

Autonomous 3D scanning & robotic finishing system

Lesta Self-Learning Robots and autonomous 3D scanning can be integrated with overhead conveyor systems for the fast and ergonomic finishing of vertically hung doors. Utilizing the scanned part geometries, the Lesta robot automatically generates the program and finishes each part per the specified parameters, says LestaUSA.

Robotic batch-one finishing

Robotic Solutions has developed an automated solution for spraying large doors in a batch-one production model. Robotic spray patterns are automatically generated once the door is scanned. The complete solution involves: auto color changing, part rotation, gun tip cleaning, autonomous cart delivery and inline curing. This solution was developed in collaboration with CMA Robotics and Prime Heat.

Wood, veneer & lacquer sanding

Available from Hans Weber, the Weber KSF is a 2 to 3 shift per day machine available in three widths, up to 63”. It can be equipped with up to 8 machining stations with the arrangement of the sanding stations varied as needed. Modular construction allows reconfiguration of sanding stations at a later date. The company says the patented CBF provides a smooth, even surface with no chatter marks. Used for solid wood sanding, veneer sanding and lacquer sanding, the KSF can also be combined into sanding machine lines with bottom sanding versions.

Pivot device for spray finishing

Available from Guffey systems, Pivot Point is a non-contact, pivoting spray point combined with hangers and racks for batch processing of wood components. Guffey says Pivot Point offers a cost-effective option to spray all sides of a workpiece at once and is ideal for shops with smaller spray booths. Pivot Point mounts in a fixed position in the spray booth.

Pivot line finishing system

Available from Guffey Systems, Pivot Line is a system of stationary rails, mobile rails, pivot line cars, and an assortment of hangers that allow companies to go from bare wood to final coat and drying without having to touch the finished surface of the workpiece. The system helps eliminate the bottleneck in the finishing area and increase production speeds, and the line can be configurable to meet the needs of any size shop.

Spray gun for complex coatings

SATA says the SATAjet 5000 B RP was designed with complex coatings in mind and to help wood finishers achieve a beautiful finish with ease. With the SATAjet 5000 B, painters can adjust the inlet pressure and the painting distance according to the paint used, the climatic conditions and their working style. The RP spray gun offers maximum working speed with optimized high-pressure technology and low overspray.

Woodworking paint booths

Whether you are a small business or a large manufacturer, Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) provides a wide range of Woodworking Paint Booths crafted to meet your wood finishing needs. GFS Woodworking Paint Booths are suited for a wide variety of operations, including finishing furniture, cabinets and doors.

Robotic finishing & cart system

With the Lesta Self-Learning Robot and Cart System, wood products manufacturers can produce up to 50% more furniture while freeing up teams for other processes, the company says. And unlike most robotic painting and finishing systems, LestaUSA says the robots are easy to use and don't require complicated programming; following installation, shops can be painting and finishing robotically on day one.

Air-assist spray guns

Graco's PerformAA air-assist spray gun is part of the company's new line of manual and automatic air-assist and airless spray guns. Ideal for use in finishing cabinetry, furniture or customized woodwork, the guns provide operator comfort with optimized weight, balance, trigger pull and ergonomics. The company says the guns also offer high-quality spray performance with a wide variety of material-specific air caps and spray tips, superior transfer efficiency by atomizing at low air pressures, and no downtime for service due to the quick cartridge replacement.