Sanding and Finishing

20-minute, one-coat UV finishing

DVUV offers UV powder coating, a one-coat single-step process for finishing MDF that takes only 20 minutes from start to finish. The company says the UV-cured powder coating for MDF flows smoothly around curves, corners, edges and cutouts. DVUV offers a broad color palette with custom color matching and an all-new antimicrobial additive available.

Flow track system for drying

Green-Fast-Cure says its Easy Flow System creates customized pathways within your facility's floor plan to reduce handling products that are ready for the drying process. The Easy Flow System’s chain loops itself, which provides maximum flexibility and seamlessly fits into your existing flow, the company says. It can create flexible paths with a standard 60-inch curving radius or straight runs.

Entry-level spray system

Venjakob says its Ven Spray One offers an entry-level alternative to hand-held spraying. It features a large, user-friendly touch screen control and an integrated control cabinet. Recipes/programs can be stored in the system control and called up quickly and easily for reproducibility and quality control. The machine has a paper belt transport for easy cleaning.

One-arm reciprocating sprayer

Available from Cefla, the Prima one-arm reciprocating spray machine is equipped with a quick-change rotary valve that allows for fast color changes, small batches, with little to no downtime. The pressurization feature further improves the machine’s performance and allows shops of any size to set themselves up for future growth, Cefla adds. As production levels increase, the machine can be set in line with other sequential technologies, such as drying.

NMP-free topcoat

Available from Aqua Coat, Aqua Thane NMP-free topcoat is an acrylic urethane blend to get better mar resistance and moisture protection of the richest looking wood. The NMP-free formula is intended for clear or lightly pigmented coatings where flexibility and a high degree of hardness are required. It offers excellent adhesion to wood and a variety of plastics, the company says, as well as exceptional mechanical stability and wetting properties. It can be brushed or sprayed.

Auto return sanding system

Available from Biesse on all Viet sanders, ARS (Auto Return System) enables the machine to detect when a component has exited, opens so the part can be freely transported back without interference, returns the part to the infeed, and automatically closes to the original thickness for the next pass. One operator can handle large dimension/heavy components, eliminating manual labor costs, minimizing plant floor space requirements, and lowering the risk of personal injury, Biesse adds.

Clear water-based lacquer

Aqua Coat Clear Lacquer is a water-based, premium-grade, non-yellowing clear acrylic topcoat created to replace solvent-based lacquers. The company says the interior product has exceptional clarity and mar resistance, exhibits superior flow and leveling properties and is self-crosslinking to produce fast-drying films. Aqua Coat Clear Lacquer can be used on wood stock, cabinets, trim, metal, and plastic coatings.

Gas-powered finishing oven

The Unidry-G drying oven drastically reduces dry times when compared to traditional drying technologies, according to Cefla. The unique drying system generates an intense but controlled amount of infrared energy, which when combined with air movement allows for efficient and clean drying, the company adds.

Batch-one moulding sander

MB Maschinenbau says the ROBA Fentech moulding sander is ideal for batch one windows and mouldings. The laser-based part recognition at the machine inlet allows all sanding units to move into the required position, while a newly developed vacuum transport system holds short parts securely and four double brush units process the workpieces on all sides. Using the part return option, profiles can be processed by just one person.

Powder coating MDF parts

Powder coating MDF is a specialty of DVUV. The company has more than 14 years of experience in the industry, and can custom manufacture and finish MDF components quickly and easily. Solvent-free and non-toxic, powder-coated MDF is an environmentally friendly finishing alternative to paint or laminate, DVUV adds. Custom color-matching is easy with its in-house color lab.