There is an intimate link between Cubic Visual Systems’ innovative retail fixturing solutions and the quality case goods manufacturers that provide custom wood flooring, custom wood cabinetry and custom wood shelving components for the fixturing projects Cubic Visual Systems provides to its customers.  
“We have a long history of working with case goods manufacturers as reliable partners to provide innovative solutions for a wide range of luxury retailers,” Scott Parizek, Lead Industrial Engineer with Cubic Visual Systems, explains with some enthusiasm.  “Typically, the general contractor hires the case goods manufacturer and then we are brought in by the luxury retailer (the general contractor’s client) to work in concert with the case goods people.”  
Parizek goes on to explain that he has initiated contact with case goods manufacturers, in the past, prior to the involvement of a general contractor, in order to offer a complete turnkey retail fixturing solution to a given customer in some cases.
It is important to understand that Cubic Visual Systems specializes in the hardware components of luxury retail fixturing solutions.  Most luxury retailers demand the delicate integration of case goods into their finalized fixturing solution.  This almost always means custom wood flooring, cabinetry and shelving must be paired and designed to function seamlessly together to create luxury retail environments that offer compelling ambience and encourage customers to return again and again to fulfill their design-inspired shopping needs.
It all starts, typically, with an architect’s vision and design requirements.  As part of that vision, Cubic Visual Systems has learned over the years that its success as retail fixturing hardware integration specialists is heavily dependent on its ability to work effortlessly with case goods manufacturers.  It is no secret that the inclusion of high-end wood products on various projects creates a rich feeling of integrity that luxury retail customers simply demand.
“These case goods manufacturing partnerships allow us to present our customer’s products in a rich, bold and, quite honestly, artistic manner,” Parizek says.  “The ambience created by wood products magnifies the impression of luxury and plays a very big role in our ability to create retail environments that draw customers back for frequent return visits.”
The professional integration of metal and wood used to create the tantalizing luxury retail ambience Cubic Visual Systems’ customers typically demand takes some considerable effort for both parties.  In order for measurements of both wood and metal to be correct, a detailed understanding the architect’s plan has to be married to an equally focused understanding of metal meeting wood.  
The case goods manufacturer has to be comfortable with Cubic Visual Systems’ fixture solution’s dimensions and functionality and Cubic Visual Systems has to understand how the wood is going to fit in and around its hardware.  This is a delicate balancing act; however, when done correctly, this partnership yields a finished product that has been flawlessly designed for the customer.
Sometimes the lead times are very generous, as much as four to six months.  Other times, Parizek gets a call that a solution has to be delivered in as little as two to three weeks.  The shorter the lead time, the greater the pressure on Cubic Visual Systems and the increased likelihood that someone misses a detail or two.  Parizek understands that he has to be vigilant.  “We look meticulously for oversights on our projects and we have built a reputation for getting it right the first time—regardless of lead times.”
Healthy partnerships with case goods manufacturers must include transparency and a willingness to work side-by-side to get a job done correctly.  Parizek has a reliable formula that includes asking the right questions at the right time coupled with a personal desire to provide exceptional quality for his customers.
This attitude and work methodology allows Cubic Visual Systems to work seamlessly with case goods manufacturers to provide unique, often stunning, retail fixturing solutions that simply inspire awe.
These partnerships are so vital to Cubic Visual Systems that the company devotes a fair amount of time directly marketing to case goods manufacturers in an effort to create more lasting partnerships that lead to work for both Cubic Visual Systems and its case goods manufacturing partner.  
“Once we establish a healthy relationship and start working with an organization, it does not take long before the customer wants to carry both of us through to complete dozens and/or hundreds of individual projects throughout the United States,” Parizek emphatically states.  Cubic Visual Systems is licensed to sell throughout both North and South America.  Past case goods manufacturing partnerships have carried Cubic Visual Systems across the country fulfilling luxury retail fixturing needs in a multitude of capacities.
An example of the level of customer satisfaction sophistication employed by Cubic Visual Systems is the company’s often revered “Store in a Box” concept.  Parizek has developed a strategy where he literally packs a 40’ box truck with a self-contained turnkey fixturing solution that includes all of the components necessary to outfit a complete retail store location.  Often, this solution integrates wood components as part of the overall delivery.  
Retail customers absolutely love the “Store in a Box” deliverable and, when considered within the context of incorporating the wood requirements for these projects, it is further evidence of both the logistical complexity of Cubic Visual Systems’ projects and its tireless willingness to work in concert with case goods manufacturers.
The future of Cubic Visual Systems case goods manufacturing partnerships seems brighter than ever.  Thanks to carefully managed relationships with multiple case goods manufacturers throughout the country, Cubic Visual Systems is reacting to a seemingly never-ending appetite for its innovative luxury retail fixturing solutions to be imbued with rich, ambience-fueling wood products.  
Whether it is custom wood flooring, cabinetry or shelving, the desire for wood accents and/or functional wood products is seemingly never-ending.  Cubic Visual Systems will continue its emphasis on creating vibrant partnerships with quality case goods manufacturers as the company charts double-digit growth for the foreseeable future.
As this story outlines, Cubic Visual Systems cannot complete its work without the assistance of these people.

Frank P. Costabilo Jr. is communications advisor to Cubics Visual Systems, a global specialist in retail interiors.  


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