What does Milwaukee know about work shirts? A lot it seems.

One of the most unexpected finds this cold weather season was the Milwaukee WorkSkin Cold Weather Base Layer shirt. Sure I’m a fan of their coats, both for style and warmth, but a work shirt? What does Milwaukee know about work shirts? A lot it seems.
The material is soft and lightweight, but feels (and is) tough and will hold up to the work day and the wash. I also don’t feel like I am putting on a wetsuit every time I wear it, unlike some base layer shirts I have.
 …But come on, it just a long sleeve shirt. True, but it is also the perfect transitional shirt. I’m warm in the truck, I'm unloading in the cold, now I'm in the client's house and the temperature is cranked up again. This is where on regular shirts sweat would start to show. I don’t know how to officially measure its ‘sweat wicking’ ability, but I do know that when I wear the Base Layer all day I’m less likely to be covered in puddles of sweat. I’m staying dry and more importantly, I’m not grossing out the home owner with my sweaty Rorschach test looking shirts.   
As cliche as it sounds, I'm working hard but I don't want my shirt to look like it, and this shirt gives me just that. 
On top of it working well, it also looks good. Not only is workwear about performance, it’s also important that it look like clothing someone would actually want to wear. Milwaukee seems to understand that, with this Base Layer, as well as the rest of their clothing.
Overall this is a great shirt and one I'll be wearing a lot this winter.

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