The laser edgebander’s ability to produce a seamless edge can be a compelling factor for woodworkers interested in the new technology.

With the machine, a laser is used to activate the polymer layer on the edgebanding material, producing a strong bond with increased heat and moisture resistance. No glue pot is required, which proponents of the machine say results in greater energy efficiency, particularly when banding small batches.

Gaining a competitive edge in the store fixture market, along with an opportunity for business in new markets, was one of the driving forces behind Denver-based Premier EuroCase Owner Andy Wilzoch’s installation of the Homag laserTec in September 2012.

According to Wilzoch, Premier EuroCase is one of the first wood products firms in North America to offer a fully process laser edgebanded flat panel component. In December, Wilzoch told Wood & Wood Products that in addition to using the bander on existing lines, the laserTec will be the focus of a new offering, “Elements by Premier.”

Also touting the use of laser edgebanding for a new product is Schenk Architectural Imports Ltd. Last August the cabinet component manufacturer announced it would install an IMA laser edgebander at its Calgary, AB, facility.

According to Karl Schenk, president, the laser edgebander will be used to produce its line of Stijle contemporary-style cabinet doors. He added the IMA laser edgebanding system will provide a seamless edge not only on Schenk’s standard high-gloss laminate product line, but also can be used on its new line of 3mm polycarbonate over MDF, which “gives the look of a glass door,” as well as with its UV lacquer MDF doors.





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