Holland, Mich. - If you want to see something truly unique at KBIS this year visit Great Lake Woods, Inc., at Booth #4431 and view their mock kitchen display made out of “textured wood”. Currently the only US manufacturer to produce a product of its kind, textured wood is by far the company’s most attention‐grabbing product.

In 2010, the company acquired the specialty moulder from Germany, which engraves a texture on wood, MDF, plywood and plastic. The machine achieves the textured look through the use of three oscillating heads moving horizontally and vertically. A typical moulder would only have two fixed heads. Custom textures can be achieved such as circles, waves and a hand scrapped look.

The company’s most recent project incorporated the use of the textured wood into a headboard and matching night stand for a high end furniture store. “We created two prototypes for the customer; one with textured wood and one as specified. Once the customer saw the textured wood prototype, he called us up right away excited and impressed with the eye‐catching appearance of the texture”, said Andrew Schoen, Sales Representative for Great Lake Woods, Inc.

Currently, textured wood products are more prevalent in modern European kitchens and furniture design. One would typically see the textured wood appear on a singular door or drawer, added for an accent or focal point. President of Great Lake Woods, Inc., Keith Malmstadt, sees the endless design possibilities with textured wood and expects to see US designers adopt it into modern cabinetry, fine furniture, countertops, flooring and other products, as in the European market.

Source: Great Lakes Woods Inc.

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