Thin-cutting frame saws

Ogden offers thin-cutting frame saws for cutting veneer slats from solid wood blocks, for door stiles and rails, window parts, flooring and other items. Because of its thin kerf blades, the frame saw is able to cut accurate veneer slats with less waste (up to 30%), the company says. This can be especially important when cutting woods such as pricier woods such as oak, mahogany, maple, cherry and other exotic species, the company adds.

About Ogden Group

Ogden Group is an international group of manufacturers and distributors, including Ogden Enterprises, RfsProtech, and Neva Trade, that together offer complete manufacturing solutions to companies within the wood product industry.  RfsProtech manufactures several models of High Frequency Edge and Face Glue Presses and Gluers for the high speed curing of wood in applications such as door stiles and rails, window, door frames, laminated products, cabinets, and furniture.  Veneer Forming Systems for the manufacture of radial components are also produced and distributed to industries pressing and laminating veneers into half-round, arch and elliptical shapes.  Ogden Group has two plants in

North Carolina and one based in Europe.  All locations house an extensive spare parts and machinery inventory and state of the art manufacturing, demonstration and testing facilities.

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