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Single-spindle full CNC dovetailer

The iDovetail from Northtech is single-spindle CNC dovetailer with a three-axis system that gives it additional capabilities. iDovetail has eight profile modes that provide options from fixed pitch dovetails to mitered mortise and tenon joinery or even custom profiles such as stair tread returns. It uses a user-friendly Windows-based interface with a built-in animated tutorial.

The eight-mode interactive platform offers users the ability to make a variety of joinery on boxes, face frames or case goods on the fly through a touchscreen that uses common smartphone gestures such as pinch to zoom and swipes to spin the profile on any axis to see all sides of the parts. This is designed to allow the operator to see the actual joint they are creating with a real-time 3D rendering that can be changed by a simple touch of a dimension. Having this unique capability to see the assembly before any parts are run allows the operator to see potential defects before they make them, according to Northtech.

The product won a 2021 AWFS Visionary Award.

Northtech Machine