Scanning & crosscutting saw
Eagle Machinery & Supply's EagleEye Talon Vision saw combines two-sided vision based defect scanning with high-speed crosscutting. The company says the integration of these two processes allow for greater accessibility for ease of calibration and machine maintenance, convenient and ergonomic drawer slides for easy access to scanning hardware, and a vibration isolation sub-assembly mount for scanning hardware. The combination also streamlines material flow, saving shop floor space, and the material buffering/sequencing between the scanner and saw is eliminated resulting in fewer production stoppages.
Traditionally, stoppages will occur if/when boards become out of queue in the communication between separate Scanners and Saws. When this occurs, there is the potential for boards to be processed in the saw with the wrong scanned cut solutions, resulting in lost yields and productivity.

The EagleEye Talon Vision Saw eliminates these common problems because there is no material in queue (Buffering/Sequencing) between separate Scanners and Saws, other than the board being processed in a single machine. The results of all these unique features of the EagleEye Talon Vision Saw will result in several opportunities for improvement over conventional designs, the company says, such as: more space efficient, simplified material flow, fewer material transitions, fewer production stoppages, reduced maintenance, improved yields, reduced waste and lower investment cost.

Examples of this system’s applications would include but not limited to: hardwood flooring, truck and trailer flooring, upholstery frame furniture, mouldings, fingerjointing and cabinet components.