Powerful 15-inch planers

Jet says its two new, re-engineered 15-inch planers, the Helical Head Planer (JWP-15BHH) and the Straight Knife Planer (JWP-15B), efficiently and quietly transform rough lumber into accurately dimensioned work pieces. Both planers include the company’s innovative Precision Air Strut System (PASSTM), which provides consistent, upward pressure on the cutterhead to reduce the chance of board snipe. With cutterhead speeds of 5,200 RPM, the cutterhead of the JWP-15BHH is equipped with 48, four-sided, carbide-tipped blade inserts and the JWP-15B cutterhead has three, high-speed blades for clean, efficient cutting. Driven by 3-HP, single-phase, 230V motors with V-belt transmissions, the planers feature precision ground, cast iron tables; four-post design; closed steel bases; a two-speed gear box; a top-position hand wheel with positive gear drive, and a four-inch diameter dust port.

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