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High-speed crosscut saw

The Doucet In-Motion Crosscut Saw executes up to 8 cuts per second at a throughput speed up to 400 feet per minute, without pausing the cycle to execute the cuts. Doucet says the saw combines length accuracy with an outstanding cut quality, making the DSS-400 the first crosscutting saw fast enough to keep up with high speed moulders.

Watch DSS-400 saw in action

Using cutting-edge technology, the DSS-400 is said to offer the fastest speed, the greatest precision and the highest performance level in a marvel of synchronization and precision. Aimed at boosting productivity in flooring mills and with other applications in woodworking, the saw differs from other crosscutting machines, which must spend more throughput time chopping in the stopped position, than in moving product through. The DSS-400’s saw blades keep up with cut position, staying in motion as boards are passing through at line cruising speed. 

According to Doucet, the DSS practically doubles the throughput capacity of a traditional crosscutting saw. Its 8 cuts per second and throughput speed up to 400 feet per minute make it possible to cut 150,000 linear feet per shift.
To do its work, the DSS uses six servomotors that work in harmony to execute cuts. "No backlash" carbon fiber  transmission belts replace conventional gearboxes throughout the saw. With its high speed, the DSS-400 offers high cut quality and length precision of ± 0.5 mm.


Doucet Swingsaw - Model DSS-400.jpg