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Crosscutting solution

The Salvamac SalvaPush 2000 is an automatic cross-cutting saw made by the European manufacturer SALVAMAC. It's a high-volume push feed saw with full optimization and a programmable pusher. 

The SalvaPush 2000 structure is made of hard steel to guarantee reliability and long life. The cutting unit has an inclined plane of 25 degrees as all the feeding area.

It features a smart pressing hood, which, after the first cut, adapts automatically to the thickness of the board.

The machine is completed with two electro-pneumatic, side-alignment devices, both inside the machine unit, one before and one after the blade.

Here are some technical data of the Salvamac SalvaPush 2000: 

  • Loading length min/max
    2100-7100 mm
  • Maximum speed of the pusher
    60/200 mt/min
  • Minimum cutting time
    0.1 sec
  • Compressed air pressure
    6 atm (88.17 psi)
  • Compressed air consumption
    190 Nl/min
  • Dust extraction speed
    30 mt/sec

The Salvamac SalvaPush 2000 is available in a TT version, which includes a tilting table and a trap door for downloading cut pieces.