CNC Routing System 3D Prints, Laser Engraves and Carves

Next Wave Automation introduces the CNC Piranha Fx, a CNC routing system that can also 3D Print and Laser Engrave along with its CNC routing and carving functionality. It includes three easy-to-use modules and a simple, highly intuitive touch screen with an optional digitizer, says the company. The 3D Printing Module is designed to replicate parts, create figures, and design and fabricate. Next Wave Automation says a user’s design and DIY manufacturing ability is virtually limitless with the Piranha Fx 3D printer. Users can design their own object with the included Vectric software on the user’s pc or laptop or get the optional digitizer to copy an existing object. The Laser Engraving Module will engrave flat sheet materials, including paper, wood, plastic or fabric. The Piranha Fx laser allows users to engrave existing images, such as photographs or drawings, in addition to creating original designs. The Carving/CNC Routing Module lets users carve circuit boards, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass in addition to carving in wood, soft metal or plastic. With the optional digitizer users can recreate and copy small objects and existing three dimensional images and objects. Next Wave Automation says the Digitizer learns by touch, so it can learn to recreate things that are hard to find or replace and can be used for hand-made objects users want to mass produce. The CNC Piranha Fx was one of eight Visionary Awards winners selected by AWFS.

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