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Laser Cutting, Engraving and Marking System

The XLS Laser System offers laser material processing solutions, delivering flexibility, accuracy, productivity and safety, says the company. The XLS Laser System’s XLS10.150D offers laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking. For laser cutting the laser beam cuts completely through the material along the designated pattern, creating polished, high-quality edges, says the company. For laser engraving, the laser beam vaporizes material to a user-controlled depth, creating a flat surface with a high-quality finish. For laser marking, the laser beam modifies the material surface, creating permanent marks without removing material or impacting surface integrity, adds the the company. The new Laser System Manager control and management software can be used in a variety of environments, including Research and Development and production. New industrial accessories include the UAC 4000 Air Cleaner and Fire Suppression Unit. It features a processing area measuring 40’ x 24” (1016 X 610mm).

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