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Sander with abrasive life tracking

Timesavers recently added a new feature to our machine options; the Timesavers Simple Touch HMI/PLC color touch screen with abrasive belt “Histogram.” The use of an HMI on a widebelt sander is nothing new, but Timesavers says its Simple Touch system goes beyond basic machine control and adds in abrasive life tracking. Tracking the abrasive belt life starts with the infeed sensor system to monitor where material is being placed, as well as, provides the input necessary to calculate how much material (length) is being run. This data is then applied to a histogram for each sanding head. When replacing an abrasive belt, a button is pressed to reset the histogram for the new belt. This reporting data can be a valuable tool for tracking recurring trends, and help to implement standard maintenance cycles.

Timesavers Simple Touch.jpg