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Profile sanding tool

The SuperSand profile sander by Riverside Tool Corp. addresses a need for a sanding head that doesn’t deflect under pressure. Traditional abrasive wheels fall short in that they wear with use – requiring constant operator intervention. The patent-pending SuperSand features a profiled foam core and a durable rubberized abrasive, which allow the abrasive to push into the wood part and not deflect with pressure, allowing a machine operator to get uniform, equally distributed sanding. Available in both edge detail and raised panel versions, it provides panels with a hand-sanded look and feel with industrial efficiency. It can be used on moulders, shape and sander double-end tenoners, and most machines with a drive system and spindle. A solid 5-axis aircraft-grade aluminum body allows for long life and high resistance to wear and features dual rotation, multiple abrasive grit options, and multi-profile capability.