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Multi-use sander

The Volpato LBK 150 ST1 sander from Atlantic Machinery can perform up to 6 types of working applications.

On the platen side, users can work manually with a tilting table that can be angled to 45 degrees. On the opposite side it has a sizing pad where solid and veneered edges can be sanded with the help of an integrated feed system. The infeed fence can be adjusted micrometrically to determine the depth of material to be removed. 

A variable speed abrasive wheel unit in line with the pad permits beveled and radiused edges to be produced. The unit can be positioned from 0 to 90 degrees.  

The idle wheels on the end of the machine can be used for curved pieces; a complete set of abrasive rollers are supplied (25-30 35-40-45-50mm) that can be used for tighter curves. 

The sanding belt can be adjusted vertically to utilize its full height. The oscillation and tensioning of the sanding belt is mechanical. 

The roller support can be extended for larger panels.  

Drawers are conveniently placed in the machine base for storage of sanding